Wireless dual-touch pad system

vPlay is a wireless dual-touch pad system that can be used independently gaming applications that encourage control and response. The large active surface is easily adopted by children with motor disability. vPlay can also be configured to be used as an input device to any software that accepts inputs from a switch.

Students with cerebral palsy (CP) and other motor impairments have often needed lots of practice on skills, which can be provided to them by playing games. Providing the children with a game can be played by them also help them learning and improves their motor movements. This increases classroom participation and reduce the workload on a teacher as they will monitor lesser number of group. The multiplayer games, will provide opportunities to children to interact with each other and develop their social skills.

Our gaming platform vPlay has been built especially for kids with poor motor control or neurological disorders, for educational and entertainment purpose. vPlay offers solutions to the above mentioned problems. It is user¬friendly, rugged, compact and easily affordable. The platform can also be used by developers to create games and apps for the differently abled . vPlay provides an Open Source API for developers to build games.