myDrive is a wheelchair-accessible electric vehicle. The driver space is designed to accommodate a wheelchair. The differently abled person can directly sit behind the wheel. It is a unique electric vehicle for the disabled to drive behind the wheel, and in control of their own mobility.

Reva side view

Reva floor plan

Standard wheelchair dimension

  • A 3D model of REVA is designed to visualize the interior view inorder to identify the modifications required to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • A 3D model of a wheelchair is also designed and included in REVA model for better visualization.





In order to have a wheelchair in the driver seat there are different solutions available. After considering many design we choose the pallet mechanism. The criteria for the mechanism we used are slope free, electromechanical and ease of access.

In pallet mechanism we have three positions to accommodate a wheelchair inside the car.

  • Position-1: The pallet is in the ground level. The ground detector will detect the position of the pallet and adjust its level. So a wheelchair person can easily get access at any terrain. A docking mechanism locks the wheelchair with the pallet to avoid jolting.
  • Position-2: The pallet will be lifted upto the floor level of the car.
  • Position-3: The pallet is inside the car and in the driving position.

The car door hinge is modified to allow the swing angle from 45° to 120° to allow the wheelchair to get inside the car without any interruption.

mod_REVA rear

The rear side frame structure is modified by removing the wedge type portion to accommodate the wheelchair.